Client Services

Our services encompass recruitment/search (permanent or contract basis) and human resources consulting.


For any recruitment process, it is critical for us at the outset to ascertain the specific requirements of any particular position in as in-depth a manner as possible with particular emphasis on specific experience sought, technical requirements, and organisational/cultural fit aspects for consideration. From there we can recommend the most appropriate recruitment strategy and commence the process.

Hanrahan Smith utilises a number of distinct means to identify candidates in today’s employment market. We draw from a significant mining/resources specific database of candidates coded to match skills pertinent to the sectors to which we have exposure, supplemented with print and web based advertising as deemed appropriate. Further, we respectively possess broad international networks of well respected individuals across the industry and our ability to tap into these is critical to the delivery of our service.

Strategic Human Resources Consulting

Hanrahan Smith offers a variety of strategic human resources consulting services. These services include:
Remuneration Benchmarking - the provision of current industry salary survey data.
Organisational Structuring - we can assist with organisational structure development, with particular emphasis on greenfield’s startups.
Position Description Formulation – for all professional and para professional roles.
• We can also draw on our management experience in providing advice on such diverse aspects as performance management guidance and human resources policy formulation and implementation.